Friday, November 28, 2014

F-15E Low Level in the Cascades

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Looks like fun, doesn't it?

Cabin Porn

Sam Summer’s stone cabin on South Island, New Zealand.

Really digging in

Foul weather has never stopped the Norwegians from going sailing.

Norwegian ketch Christiania

Great moments in celebrating Thanksgiving

The stage: the boy is staying at college in Portland, so it's me, the wife, and the two girls.  I feel like a hitch-hiker on the estrogen express.

1. The wife has been jonesing for another cat ( we usually carry two, and we've been down to one for a while), so I brought back a really cool kitten from the pound on Monday.  Thanksgiving day it started barfing over and over, and so inevitably the wife and girls became alarmed and had to take it on an expensive journey to the vet right after dinner.

2. The internet went down at our house Thanksgiving morning, inexplicably, and in spite of pulling out and plugging in the router, resetting everything multiple times, and even shaking the thing, no luck.  My suggestion that it would be healthy to do without the net at least for day was met with incredulous stares.  Miraculously, the net's back today, no idea what the original problem was.

3.  Without the net, the Estrogen Gang decided to watch multiple episodes of Downton Abbey on disc. The three of them collected themselves on the couch and nibbled turkey and sipped egg nog while watching English people talk.  I went to bed.

4. This morning, the oldest daughter left in her car to visit some of her friends from up here, and she took most of the sweet potatoes with her.  Five minutes after leaving, the phone rang, and it was her.  She told me that as soon as she left, she smelled something rotten in her car, and expressed some fear that she might have run over the other cat on her way out.

I reassured her that if she had run over the cat, it wouldn't smell rotten because the corpse wouldn't have had a chance to rot yet (and to boot I could see both the cats from where I was).  The most likely cause, I explained, was that she had inadvertently stepped in some dog poo on the way to the car, and that was the source of the smell.  I advised to check the bottom of her shoes before going into her pal's house.  She assured me she would.  Glad I had the chance to help.

Reason 513 why the internet is so great

There actually is a Blog of Unnecessary Quotes, and it's hilarious.

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Friday Open Road

Thursday, November 27, 2014