Friday, July 1, 2016

I'm sending this to G/G/G so he can spend his time cleaning up safely and avoid snide comments from Englishmen and PTSD

Having recovered from his bruised shoulder and PTSD, Gersh/Gish/Gush Kuntzsman takes on singing "God Bless America" at baseball games.

It gives him a headache.

Gersh/Gish/Gush's complaint:

"Welcome to the July 4 holiday weekend — when once again, baseball fans will be assaulted by the saccharine-sweet non-anthem “God Bless America” at stadia all over this great land."
"But no matter which home team you root, root, root for, “God Bless America” should be sent permanently to the bench."
His complaint?
"The song still embodies great things about America, but also our worst things: self-righteousness, forced piety, earnest self-reverence, foam."
"Foreigners!: I once went to a Brooklyn Cyclones game with a British guy named James Silver, who smiled when “God Bless America” was being played. “It’s exactly what I expect from Americans,” he said. “The self-righteousness, the patriotism. It’s always nice to see my opinions confirmed.”
I'm so sorry G/G/G's precious European pals were offended by our little song.  I'm sure poor G/G/G blushed flaming red with shame and horror at this James Silver's snide comment.  It probably caused another attack of temporary PTSD, and ruined the game for him.

Newsflash for G3: The problem is Mr. Silver's.  If he is so rude as to say that to his American host, while being treated to a baseball game, you should have "spilled" your Big Gulp in his lap and said, "Sorry we Americans are so self-righteous, patriotic, and clumsy," and then left his limey ass sitting there alone.
“God Bless America” is as divisive as American politics: Kaskowitz’s research found that 83.8% of people who described themselves as “very liberal” dislike the song, while only 20.5% of people who called themselves “very conservative” have a problem with it."
Hey, let's take a poll on how many of us would like to see G/G/G sent to the Onion to write his slop, since opinion polls should decide everything.
The fact that "very liberal" people dislike it is a good reason to keep it.   G/G/G should take his political correctness and swab it on his throbbing shoulder and aching head.  Maybe it would do some good ... naw, it's poison no matter where it pops up. 
Aside: this article is so over the top and stupid, I can't but suspect it's someone trolling.   

Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's still dangerous out there: A West Glacier man was killed by a grizzly bear Wednesday afternoon while riding his mountain bike on a forested trail in the Halfmoon Lakes area south of Glacier National Park.

Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry identified the victim as Brad Treat, 38, of West Glacier. Treat grew up in the Flathead Valley and graduated from Flathead High School, where he was a standout distance runner, in 1996.
Authorities have closed the area around Halfmoon Lakes as the investigation continues. As of 8:30 p.m., the bear that attacked Treat had not been found.
Treat and another man were mountain biking on U.S. Forest Service land near Halfmoon Lakes on Wednesday, according to Curry. The initial investigation suggests the two bikers surprised the bear around 2 p.m. and Treat was taken off his bike by the animal. The second rider was able to escape uninjured and summon help.
Coming up on any bear suddenly is dangerous.  He probably came around a corner fast and was on the bear before he could stop or turn.   Sad.

Spit out that gum before a romantic kiss

More entertaining Brexit rhetorical warfare courtesy of Christine Amanpour and Daniel Hannan

Christine knows her arguments are crap, so she tries to filibuster and prevent Hannan from answering.  Typical MSM bull.

Freckles, they are good.

Lucky slide and quick reflexes