Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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This story should be emailed to the Albuquerque police

Via Zero Hedge, a foreign story quite relevant to our times here at home:
Warning! If you are bothered by blood, don't follow the link, because there is plenty of it.
  "As Shanghaiist reports, a riot involving around 1,000 people broke out last Saturday in Cangnan county of Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, resulting in the hospitalization of five chengguan, China's notoriously abusive and under-regulated urban enforcement officials. The alleged cause for the riots was the five's brutally killing a civilian. According to reports, the chengguan "hit the man with a hammer until he started to vomit blood, because he was trying to take pictures of their violence towards a woman, a street vendor." This man later died while being rushed to the hospital. Given the following images of civilian retribution; is it any wonder, the powers that be in China fear social unrest?"
It should be noted that these were not policemen as we understand them, but regulatory officers serving the bureaucracy, sort of like code enforcement officers with bad attitudes and a penchant for violence.

From our perspective, this comment is on point:

This is the inevitable consequence of letting the public to lose faith in the law enforcement and the justice system, especially when dealing with wrongdoings of government officials. There are other nations headed down the same path.

Does the angry reaction to the BLM's armed and hyper-aggressive actions in Nevada ring any bells?  In the Nevada standoff, there were no real policemen per se, just heavily armed agents of the bureaucracy, and their contractors, trying to bully someone around in furtherance of their arbitrary and senseless defense of a tortoise.

Here, unlike in China, everyone is armed, and counterintuitively, that fact likely prevented any bloodshed in Nevada.  Nevertheless, when faith is lost in law enforcement and the justice system, the people are only left with self help, and self administered justice.  

The militarization of our local police damages trust. After all, just who do they have in mind when the tool up to fight a war?  The same can be said for the militarization of the alphabet soup of government agencies.

When every thing you want to do requires the approval of some government bureaucrat, and the payment of a fee, frustration builds.  When every act you take is taxed, as is every bit of property you own, leaving you with less than half your gross income to live on, frustration builds. When you watch the lazy, the indolent and the criminal reap the rewards of your own sweat and toil, and then see them vote to elect corrupt and venal politicians, frustration builds.

When the government itself is brazen in it's willingness to ignore the law, frustration builds.  When the government spends every cent of tax money, then borrows and prints as much as it thinks it can get away with, fully intending to hand the bill to those who work and are productive, frustration builds.

This incident in China should serve as an object lesson to our government bureaucrats and politicians on this side of the Pacific.  Sooner or later, there is a reaction to all the lies, the abuse and the waste of the nation's treasure.  No number of bullets, or MRAPs, or militarized bureaucracies, will protect you if you set off the explosion.  Nevada was a very close call.  Next time you might not be so lucky.

I hear Biden is in the Ukraine right now, trying to support them in their conflict with Russia

I am told he brought his checkers game with him, in case he ran into Putin and wanted to play.