Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fast moving lava on Hawaii

Texas Turtle Soup coming right up.

Moral: don't swim naked in brown water when in the South.

This is pretty cool

Boeing Co.’s Echo Voyager has headed back to sea for a second round of testing, as the aerospace company looks to demonstrate the underwater drone’s more sophisticated capabilities for a U.S. Navy contract competition.
The 51-foot-long, yellow and grey autonomous undersea vehicle is being designed to glide just beneath the waves or along the ocean floor for months at a time with little to no contact with human operators. Its missions could include surveillance that would be either too mundane or dangerous for human submarine crews to tackle and reconnaissance.
Boeing has said Echo Voyager can reach a maximum depth of 11,000 feet, with a top speed of about 9 mph. The drone runs on a hybrid electric-battery/marine diesel system; its diesel generator will kick in when the battery runs low. It periodically resurfaces to snorkel depth to recharge.

Shave of the Day

TOBS Grapefruit shaving cream, WCS B84 razor, with a Rockwell Swedish steel blade, King Shave Flubber Green 24mm Timberwolf synthetic brush, SoCo Rose aftershave.

Smooth, easy, slow shave today, with cold water.  It's gonna be a hot day!

“USS Mississippi (BB-41) fires her forward 14-inch guns, during the bombardment of Makin, 20 November 1943. Photographed from USS Baltimore (CA-68).”

My Dad told me that if you were close to the battleships when they fired their guns, the concussion would make pencils jump six inches off the desk ( he was a radarman on a troop transport ship).

Don't mess with the Swedes, even if you're extraterrestrial.

Captured German V-2 rocket being inspected somewhere in the southwest.