Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A crafty fox in the neighborhood.

Took my evening constitutional with the wife and two younger kids, down to the end of the road and back.

On the way, the boy suddenly pointed out into the neighbors field and there was a red fox trotting away.

We all stopped and watched him until he put enough distance between us and him that he felt comfortable, at which point he sat down and watched us right back.

I think there are at least two of them living in an old culvert, as there are signs of a lot of travel in and out, and fox sized trails going to the road and out into the field.

Pretty cool to have them so close to the house, but the cats better watch out.

Cop does good deed - pulls a cup off a skunk's head.

That skunk didn't look real thankful.

Fun with guns


This is the kind of snow pack I want to see in the Sierras next winter

Cabin Porn

A snowy scene for a hot day

Annie, a wrangler at Jackson Lake Lodge in Wyoming. Classic beauty.