Friday, October 24, 2014

An amazing find of an amazing bit of history

An Amazing Boeotian Helmet, c. Late 4th Century BC
"The Boeotian type (of helmet)…gives the greatest protection to all parts above the cuirass, but allows free vision.” - Xenophon of Athens
This magnificent helmet was found in June 1854, in the bed of the Tigris River at the confluence with its tributary the Sert (ancient Centrites) near Tille (map) in present day Turkey. A Mr. R.B. Oakley of Oswaldkirk, Yorkshire was traveling down the Tigris to Mosul by raft when one of the boatman pushed his boathook into the stream to keep the raft from running ashore. When he lifted it out of the water, this stunning helmet was caught on the hook! It was bought for the equivalent of about one shilling and brought to Britain and is now at the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford. It is thought that this helmet may have belonged to one of Alexander the Great’s cavalrymen, and was lost in the Tigris during their invasion of Persia.
The Boeotian helmet is a metaled copy of the Greek petasos, a type of sun hat. Originating in the Boeotian region of Greece, the helmet was usually made from a single piece of shaped bronze. It was popular with cavalrymen, who required less impairment to their vision and hearing than the infantry hoplites. By the time of Alexander the Great, it had become the standard helmet of the cavalry, as can be seen on the Alexander Sarcophagus (first photo below) and the Pompeiian mosaic (second photo below). The Boeotian type helmet was used for in the centuries after Alexander among the various Hellenistic Empires and well into the Roman Republic.

Freckles, they are good.

I believe this is Brazilian - yes Brazilian - supermodel Cintia Dicker.

Someone apparently told the boy that he looks like Tintin

Tintin with an attitude problem, maybe.

Me?  I'd have to be Haddock.

After a busy week like this one, however, I feel more like this.  The weekend is very welcome right now.

A little local excitement

I got a laugh out of the secretaries just now by telling them not to worry, I was there to serve and protect them.

Probably just a local issue, but with the recent attacks in Canada and NYC, stuff like this can be worrisome.

  "An officer responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of Motel 6. The officer was wounded shortly thereafter. The suspect fled the scene and reportedly three carjackings have taken place since the initial incident. 
Authorities say one of the carjacked vehicles was a white Mustang which has since been abandoned. 
The deputy was taken to the trauma unit at the UC Davis Medical Center with at least one gunshot. It is unknown where he was hit. 
There are multiple crime scenes related to the initial incident and that the shooting may be related to a carjacking. 
The suspect is at large. 
People are being asked to avoid the Howe Avenue area as roads are being closed to traffic and there is heavy police activity in the area. Arden Way is shut down between Ethan Avenue and Watt Avenue. 
Multiple agencies are responding at the various crime scenes. 
Jesuit High School and Rio Americano High School have reportedly been put on lock down. 
Police are looking for a red 2002 Ford F-150 pick-up truck, California license plate 8J34411. The red truck may have a ice cooler in the back. There may also be a female in the truck with him. 
Any one with information is encouraged to call the police. 
Police have released the description of a possible suspect as a Hispanic man in his 30s wearing a white and blue shirt with blood on it. "