Thursday, January 29, 2015

Freckles, they are good

The newest member of the faculty.

The Revrund Al losing to the teleprompter again.

I'd be nice if the guy could at least read.

Green on green violence

The Taliban have captured former Gitmo detainee Abdul Rauf Khadim in Southern Afghanistan, along with 45 associates, and accused him of recruiting for the rival Islamic State.

Things aren't looking too bright for Abdul.  The muslims are not known to be very charitable to those who they think are untrue to the faith, or from a more practical view, the local warlord.

Tribal leader Abdul Ahad Masoomi said:
Mullah Khadim, who claims allegiance to Daesh (Arabic acronym for IS) forcibly assembled local residents on Thursday last in the Kakaji’s Azan area and told the people that Mullah Omar [spiritual leader for the Taliban] no longer exists and they should now support him.
Khadim fell out of favor with the Taliban and switched his support to the Islamic State. He set up recruitment for the terrorist group in south Afghanistan, which is considered “the spiritual heart of the Taliban,” after the United States pulled out of the area. America did not view him as a threat, but in 2011, Newsweek reported he “commanded Mullah Omar’s elite mobile reserve force, fighting regime opponents all over Afghanistan.”
Look for the Taliban to do the work our own government won't and roll Abdul's head right off his shoulders.

Drew Brees on Deflategate, with Conan O'Brian

Handley Page H.P.42, british four-engined long-range biplane airliner of the Imperial Airways, at Samakh , October 1931.

Cabin Porn