Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sennen Cove, Cornwall, has some big surf

Big waves on a clear day

Way out there on land's end.

Really big water when it's stormy.  Time to hole up in a pub with a Guinness.

Not satisfied with childishly insulting the Israeli Prime Minister, White House insiders now turn on Kerry, describing him as lost in space.

Tumbling helplessly through the void:
...he often seems out of sync with the White House in his public statements. White House officials joke that he is like the astronaut played by Sandra Bullock in the movie “Gravity,” somersaulting through space, untethered from the White House.
Sandra did eventually find a way back to earth, although whether Mr. Kerry will do the same, eventually, remains to be seen.
On the bright side, he still has all ten of his fingers.

Genius Jose Canseco blows off his own middle finger while "cleaning" his gun

We who have cleaned countless guns over the years know what you did.  Sorry about the finger, but hey, with all the 'roids you took during those seventeen years in baseball, maybe it will grow back!

Mr. Canseco reflects sadly on the needless loss of a useful digit.