Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Fire and Iron



  1. ...whoever wrote the description is not a native Engerish speaker.


  2. I passed on a Corps of Engineers portable smithy couple decades back. interesting.
    a portable field office, too. kinda slick.

    oh, and a Norden bombsight, a $70,000 item factory, surplussed at 5 bills.

  3. 'ppears to be of Indian manufacture (dot, not feather). Ain't been there-hear the air's sorta nasty. Due in part by these??? '

  4. Lotta low tech castings from India and environs. When you can run a foundry with staff in loin cloths and flip-flops (or barefoot, I've seen it in person), you can make some pretty complex stuff cheap. If the waterboy falls in the furnace, well, cast iron needs extra carbon anyway.

    Probably won't last as long as the originals, and I betcha the firebox will burn through damn quick as supplied, but if you're doing 1850s ironworking, this'll get you hot enough. Just remember: anthracite, not brown coal.