Saturday, April 27, 2024

Marine CH-53K lifts a F-35C while refueling from a KC-130


  1. Why would you set it on a runway ILO a taxiway? I would have with my 6700 hours rotarywing. Must not have been a real active facility.

  2. That is CF01, the very first C (Navy) model test aircraft. It was used for flight sciences testing including carrier landings. In the video above it is missing the engine, some control surfaces, and the outer folding portions of the wings. It’s going back to Lakehurst for ground testing.

  3. Every aircraft in this video, including the helicopter, is part of Lockheed Maritn portfolio

  4. We 'd had our funding cut in '85 or '86 and as H-46 pilots we were granted authority to meet some of our simulated IFR time in the 53 simulater in Norfolk. After 40 minutes in the SIM the operator had to leave and he asked us what we wanted to try.
    Me and Joe said," Ariel refueling".

    Full visual simulater (no motion) we managed to get the thing tumbling 3 times in 20 minutes and left covered in sweat.
    TUMBLING looks Godawful eve in a simulated cockpit. We left covered i n sweat.

  5. Two problems solved at once:
    1. Makes a F-35 fly
    2. Covers for lack of strategic air-refuelers