Sunday, January 9, 2022

Long road trip this weekend to attend a surprise birthday party for an old friend

 On the way back to Redding, I found this place in Williams.  Looks like it might become a frequent fill up spot on those trips south, and then back north!

Roberta's Taqueria -- Si!

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  1. What? No Fajita's Monterrey? What kinda place is this???

  2. I like Orv's Farm Market right next to Orv's Shell station on Highway 20 just west of I5. It is on the very north end of Williams and has nice food,local products and hot sauces from all over creation. There is easy access from Highway 20 or for either north or south bound traffic on I5.

    There is the standard junk and fast food inside the Shell too if you prefer that.

  3. CW, this is off topic, but if you like green olives, this place is the BEST: in Corning, Calif on the I-5 corridor.
    OMG, I can't go by the place without stocking up. AMAZING!

    1. Thanks for the tip! Spent $100 on their website last night.

  4. Wow, places that still have Tripas on the menu are old school Mexican restaurant - nice find sir ! Not great for the arteries, but soooo good, done crispy in a corn tortilla. Yum !!

  5. One of each, por favor!