Sunday, January 9, 2022

Hero, Viktor Vasnetsov



  1. And they painted-out the vodka bottle...why?

  2. Interesting. I discovered for myself that by cupping my fingers in such a way as to present a small aperature to my eye I would see distant objects more clearly. Like a natural monocular. Is that what he is do8ng here?

    1. A common old device for the optically challenged: a patch with many pinholes. Limiting the path to something approaching a single ray is the same as increasing the f number to approach infinity. Any defect in the optical train is therefore negated. The depth of field is therefore amazing.

  3. I suspect that he is using a 'moonstone' such as the Vikings used for navigation. It is a way to determine where the sun is on overcast days

    Goetz von Berlichingen