Monday, June 30, 2014

The Constitution, that product of old dead white men, has had an excellent couple of weeks.

Legal Insurrection summarized everything better than anyone, but it's enough perhaps to point out that individual rights and liberties prevailed over the demands of the massive socialist state.  That's a very good thing.

   "Last week the Supremes shot down Obama’s “recess” appointments because under that old document, they were not really recess appointments.

   And also free speech buffer zones, because even people protesting to protect the unborn areentitled to speak their minds.

   And hey, government, leave our cellphones alone.

   Today, in Hobby Lobby, the principles of religious freedom in the First Amendment, as codified additionally in legislation, were upheld.

   Also today, the Supremes upheld freedom of speech principles in holding that home care workers could not be forced to subsidize public sector union political activities.

Really, this couldn't be a better way to start the week.


  1. The airplane didn't crash into the train tracks today -- after all... ;^)

    1. Nope, not yet, but there is still that trip to Bakersfield...

  2. Baby steps - but at least it's starting.