Saturday, June 28, 2014

A bit of sanity

Just down the road from me is a farmer's market where, as part of their advertising, they post large signs boasting that they don't carry genetically modified food.

Is this a real concern?  Can anyone name any person harmed or killed by genetically modified food?

Penn and Teller have an opinion worth watching:


  1. I am not concerned by genetically modified crops that are draught and insect/pest resistant.

    The original South American tomato is about the size of a quarter. Genetic modifications have led to every vegetable that we eat. All of them. And before modern man, ancient man modified crops too. The Egyptians did it with wheat.

    1. Everything in any supermarket is "Frankenfood" if the definition is that it must have never genetically been changed by man. It's the same thing we've been doing for a thousand years, just with better technique. I still stand amazed at how many folks buy into the scam.

  2. well there are two reasons im foods can have genes from another species like a tobacco plant that was made with lighting bug genes that glow in the dark.this is an abominationation.they have no idea where this could lead the other thing is you cannot save seed and plant the next year you are loked in to mosantos plantationthese two things should scare anyone your friend truckwilkins

  3. I'm fully on board with GMO foods (name one casualty). These idiots would have crucified Luther Burbank.

    I'm reminded of a story of like topic. As a graduate of Texas A&M, I became acquainted with a fellow graduate during the late unpleasantness of Viet Nam. His task was to travel through NE Thailand and introduce a new, hardier species of rice, and he would instruct the villagers of that remote area in how to plant and care for the crop, telling them that they would double their yield. He returned on his circuit the following year to report on how they had incorporated the new rice into their area, and found that they had planted only half their land. When he asked why, the villagers shrugged and said that they didn't need twice as much rice - they already grew enough for themselves.