Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another example of a high IQ congresswoman

Given an opportunity to ride in a driverless, automatic car, Eleanor Holmes Norton managed to immediately screw up.   As Ace describes it:

She got in. She observed a big red button on the central panel of the car. The button was plainly marked, in large letters, "Emergency Stop."

So she did what any three year old would do: She punched the button. Like, immediately.

The Emergency Stop button disables the car, an engineer explained to her a second later. Being an Emergency Stop and all.

So the car stopped working -- in fact, she didn't even get to ride in it at all. She immediately rendered it nonworking after sitting in the passenger seat for just a few seconds."

See the stupid here:

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  1. Why would you expect a Congressional leader to do something that a 3 year old child wouldn't do. Considering that the Congresswoman has a lot in common with President Obama, I'm not surprised at anything she'd do.