Thursday, June 26, 2014

The best Amazon review of Hillary's book, "Hard Choices."

"The only "hard choice" I saw Hillary make was to stay married to Prez Bill after he stuck his uncut little cigar into every girl/woman/female in sight throughout his reign. Quite an example our Hillary set for her young daughter and the millions of young women who might look up to her, no? Marry for power and stick with it, no matter how soul-squashing or humiliating the experience is. Even if hubby thinks of women as human ashtrays, Chels, stay married just to leach off a little more of his power. Hard choices indeed.

Anywho, this book is pretty much everything you DON'T want from a memoir: dishonest, condescending, clueless, and - worst of all - dry as dust. And guess what? No matter how many hundreds of "Not Helpful" votes the Clinton Cronies slam this review with, and no matter how many fake five-star reviews they concoct, my one-star rating - and the HUNDREDS of other one-star votes that preceded mine and helped to give HC the two-star average she (and it) deserves - shall remain."
The others aren't bad either.  Well worth a few minutes to peruse.  

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  1. I was at the book store today, as I passed the old bags book I laughed, well as I did this the heavy set woman at the counter looked at me funny, so I said, sorry, Hillary's book, its not selling too good huh, I laughed and a woman who is always very pleasant to me, looked very mean. I guess I laughed at her hero, poor girl...... ;)