Friday, June 27, 2014

Explain this!

The “Beast of Dartmoor” in England, a legendary animal that has been sighted many times, though here it is supposedly caught on film. Most oral sightings report a “puma-like” big cat, and there is apparently more than one, as both black and the beige cougar color have been described. Some have also reported seeing a leopard, a “bear-like” black beast, and a lion. The animal in the video is hard to make out, but many people believe it to be a black leopard/jaguar, a black lion (most likely not, as there is no proof of a melanistic lion ever existing beyond some photoshopped photos), and a boar/suidae. 
The legend, however, claims that the giant black animals in Dartmoor are “yeth hounds,” demon-eyed black dogs that are actually the lost and demonic souls of dead and lost children, and they emit an inhuman scream when hunting. If they catch you, it is said they drag you to a faraway place never to be found again. 

Nothing that a couple of rounds of 270 wouldn't cure.

And my God!  At Tai Wiki Widbee, the remains of an unnaturally giant dog are suddenly and unexpectedly uncovered in an archeological dig in England.  The Hell Hound is real!  

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