Tuesday, June 24, 2014

For the West, the real significance of the rise of ISIS:

ISIS is bigger, badder, richer, and better organized than any jihadi threat the United States has faced thus far. Its rise represents a foreign policy disaster of the first order.

Thanks, Barack, you incompetent bungler.  I guess you shouldn't have skipped all those intelligence briefings for golf and fundraising.

  "Now, from the ruins of the Obama Administration’s Middle East strategy, the most powerful and dangerous group of religious fanatics in modern history has emerged in the heart of the Middle East. The rise of ISIS is a strategic defeat of the first magnitude for the United States and its allies (as well as countries like Russia and even China). It is a perfect storm of bad policy intersecting with troubled times to create the gravest threat to U.S. and world stability since the end of the Cold War."

  "The American people need to come to grips with a strategic escalation of the terror threat at home. ISIS is much richer, much bigger, much better organized and much better positioned to launch attacks in the U.S. and Europe than any of its predecessors. For now, the organization appears to be focused on its local wars, where it certainly has plenty to do. But we’ve consistently underestimated the group’s capabilities, strategic intelligence, innovative planning methods, and drive to prevail. It would be most unwise to assume that a jihadi terror organization 2.0 like ISIS, richer than Osama bin Laden and better supplied with arms and supporters, is incapable of thinking one or two steps ahead. And there’s the reality that hotheads all over the world will be inspired by its success to try a little murder and mayhem on their own."
   "So here, alas, is where we now stand six years into the Age of Obama: The President isn’t making America safer at home, he doesn’t have the jihadis on the run, he has no idea how to bring prosperity, democracy, or religious moderation to the Middle East, he can’t pivot away from the region, and he doesn’t know what to do next. He’s the only President this country has got, and one can’t help but wish him well, but if things are going to get any better, he needs to stop digging. He probably needs to bring in some new blood, and he must certainly ask himself some tough questions about why so many of his most cherished ideas keep leading him and his country into such ugly places."

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  1. The problem is that there isn't anything we can do now. We "could have done" but that ship has sailed. The best thing to do is watch and wait as it all unfolds. I think that it's going to end up in ongoing civil war and self-partition. Best to let them kill themselves and elect somebody that will transform the place into a sea of radioactive glass if they attack the US.

    1. I predict that once that happens, and the Sunnis feel confident they have their own state in northern Iraq, they will kill or expel the ISIS extremists, since i doubt they really want to live with those murderous idiots. I'm sure they would prefer to emulate the success the Kurds have had, when it comes down to it.

    2. Thanks, Barack, you incompetent bungler. I guess you shouldn't have skipped all those intelligence briefings for golf and fundraising.


    3. Al Qaeda are Wahhabists, which is a different brand of Sunni radicalism than ISIS/ISIL. Truth be told they are all bat shit crazy. The question of who is worse, the Shiites or the Sunni is moot in my opinion. Historical Fact: First English Language website on the Internet dealing with Islam: Understanding Islam written by yours truly circa 1994. Just because I understand it professionally does not mean that I love it.

  2. this could spell the end for the mullahs in iran they are in a bad position.they cant let bagdad fall or the shia holy cities.they cant let the kurds form an independent state because their own kurds will want to form an indepent Kurdistan.they cant let assad fall in Syria and Lebanon has started down the path to civil war which puts hizbollah at risk all large drains on iran economy.which is going to hell in a hand basket. I say lets supply both sides with enuff arms to kill each other off and when one side stsrts to get the upper we bomb them back down and when the other side gets going good bomd them! your friend truckwilkins

  3. iforgot to mention a curious thing.i gave some money to a missionary group that has been sending in 50000 new testaments in farsi into iran this seems preposterous but I have faith in this person.i have no idea what this means.i would say if an Iranian is caught with a new testament it wouldn't be good! your friend truckwilkins