Saturday, June 21, 2014

I miss the real men

When I was a young boy, these guys were everywhere.  They were able to raise a family, fix most anything, work hard to bring home the bacon, and go to church every Sunday.  They could catch a stringer of trout most any day as well.

I miss them.


  1. Same here...and yes, I miss that meme that make it acceptable to know how to clean a fish or a deer, con a ship, build a house, etc. Today in the fashionable metrosexual world of the "MTV generation" those things, like the word, "PATRIOT" that will get you audited by the IRS, are out of fashion.

    1. Ha! One of my uncles actually did build his own house. It's still standing strong up behind Jones Mill in Tuolumne.


  2. Looks almost like my Grandpa. Would have been in the Membras valley in southwest NM.