Monday, September 25, 2023

What a toothy beast that is



  1. 1958, 59? had a neighbor that restored one when I was in high school

    1. It's a 59 or 60. The 58 had fake louvered
      panel in the hood. The color
      looks off the original factory maroon. Could just be the photo. I restored
      an original 60 2-four 270 horse from frame up. Very fast but required a
      skilled hand at speed. Hated to sell it, but the next project always awaits.

    2. On second thought, this has to be a 1960 as that was the first year
      Honduras Maroon was available.

  2. My BF that I grew up with up got a 58 for $800 that was in excellent condition in 73 when we were 16. I never liked it as it was not easy to drive. I had a Camaro.

  3. back in my junior year of high school, had a chance to get one for 1200 bucks.
    2 spare tops and a spare engine. problem was the insurance would cost me over 2 grand a year on it. dad said NO. unless I could pay for the insurance too.
    had enough for the car saved up, but not the insurance. that sucked bigtime.
    then too, I might have killed myself in it too. dave in pa.

  4. I wonder where the picture was taken? The country reminds me of the Marin-Sonoma coastal area.

  5. If that was a stock Chevrolet/Corvette color I like it very much.

  6. My Father bought a '59. in 1985. needed work. He restored it. was later sold for 24K. He said it was like riding in a wheelbarrow. - AL Tru

  7. Friend in HS (class of '73) had one with a transplanted 454, thing was scary fast. He ended up totaling it.