Friday, September 29, 2023

I'd Drive That



  1. That truck is as old as me and looks much better.

  2. The way a Pick Up should be, not like the pussy wagons I see on the roads today.

  3. A flathead on a 4wd running gear is a rare combo.

  4. Does it have a NAPCO 4WD kit installed?

  5. someone has an Ashley Book of Knots...

    1. What do you see here to say that? I have a hardbound copy of Ashley's. Have had it since late 1970s. I've mastered a good number, am okay at some others.
      Just fiddling around with cordage is how many of the knots came to be, application came afterward.

      Ashley's gave me an idea where he described lowering himself down a cliff. Using only a half hitch around a dock piling, I once secured a 100 ton vessel to the fuel dock pointed into a six kt current. It worked as long as the line was tensioned. Leaving the dock we motored forward which slacked the line to then pull on deck.

  6. Grandad had a '49 F1 he bought new; so many good memories came alive with the photo of that dashboard.
    Very appreciative of the old FWD series.

  7. Nice paint too. Hopefully folks are wearing thin on the patina fad.

  8. My father had a '45 that had been made into a wrecker. He worked the upper McKenzie River wrecker trade for many years with this frankensteined conglomeration that would pull anything out of anywhere. I was just a kid. My favorite memory was when he pulled a car out of Cougar Reservoir straight up the the side of a cliff wall through a hundred feet of clear air. He chained the front end to a police pickup to keep the wrecker from flipping over backwards from the load.

    I can't count the number of midnight runs up the old McKenzie Pass in blinding snow (he used me as a traffic flagger). The Ford never refused to start, and my dad never refused to go rescue a hapless tourist idiot, no matter what the conditions.