Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Having done a little gold prospecting in my time, this is a reasonable set up. Also, add a medium crowbar to split cracks.



  1. Had a friend that tried his hand at prospecting 50 years ago. He made enough to survive on but that's about it. Had one nice nugget that he hung on a necklace and wore it for a long time. I heard he had died a couple of years ago.

  2. Man, I know it would be profitable, but I want to go gold panning sometime in my life.

    1. You might be surprised. When it comes to gold a little goes a long way. Anyway, if you enjoy it, profitability doesn't matter. Such is the way of all hobbies.

  3. Went as a parent to each of my sons elementary school history time up in the gold country for a day to learn their history in Jamestown and Columbia, CA. This was in the early 90s each different years. When they went up from their school they got to do gold prospecting in the creek at Jamestown and see the sluice operation at Columbia.

  4. I met a guy a few years back who was into prospecting big time (High Desert Ranger), he has since passed.
    He said he got into when young, someone took him prospecting and he found a nugget... he said it all over at that point..