Saturday, September 30, 2023

A Peasant’s House, Black Forest, Germany, ca. 1890



  1. Aren't we all peasants? Our "Betters" seem to think so.... And this is not the house of a poor farmer, this is a combination of barn and domicile of a minimum three generation family plus additional workers and a small herd of cows.


  2. Barn at ground level, living quarters at second level and hayloft in attic level.

    Agree with Anon not a poor farmers home but a multigenerational farming enterprise.

    We could do worse in the coming years. A bit more eye to defense from fire and intrusion. During the last "Recession" of in the 70's my family ranch had troubles with sheep being stolen-slaughtered in the night. Night guard is hard when you're just a single-family farmer.

  3. Now the peasants live in cardboard boxes in alleys.

  4. I'm going to agree with Anon and Michael. Four years ago my wife and I toured the Black Forest of Germany. They had a living history museum with houses like this. The museum had collected 25-30 houses from different regions of Germany and showcased them in a quasi village/farm district.
    Quite a few had this "look" about them. Kinda schlumpy and distinct. Even the farm smells from my youth were still wafting from the buildings.