Saturday, September 30, 2023

Limited Out



  1. I did that once with my brother - a lifetime ago.

  2. Interestingly, there are two groups posting pics here in Colorado. The catch and cook one's, and the others.
    Go ahead and post a limit of trout lined up on a bamboo pole and watch the haters deny 'put-and -take trout' verses the idea that you're selfish limiting anyone else of catching the same fish twice.
    Pictures like this one are evidence of the good ole days.

    1. Catch and release is what the do-gooders call it around here.
      We're much more into walleyes and largemouth than we are trout. I've seen repeatedly, after local tournaments that the fish that are being returned don't do well.
      Turtles and catfish gotta eat too, but far as i'm concerned, eat it if you want it.