Friday, September 29, 2023

Might be useful



  1. Should have several of various sizes in your arsenal.
    Connect one directly to the battery in your vehicle and power your house furnace in the winter when the ice takes out the powerlines.

  2. Yes. A 400-600 watt inverter, especially one that can run from either battery or alternator, is an excellent idea. But. Don't fantasize about what it can do. 400 watts will NOT run a furnace, a refrigerator, or pretty much any appliance. 600 watts is not really better. This is a communications keep-alive tool. Computer, router, phone charging, a few lights (especially if they're LEDs). And it's a lifesaver if you have nothing else.

    But it's not a replacement for a generator.

    Remember: your car/truck alternator is, roughly, a 50-60 amp at 12v device. That's around 600 watts, or roughly 6 amps at 110 V. 600 watts will run a couple of computers, etc. 600 watts will NOT start a freezer or a fridge, and is barely adequate to RUN (not, necessarily, start) a furnace blower. Nor will this run a heat pump. If you need to run a fridge (800 watts or so, more to start), a gas furnace (at least 600, probably more), really want a 3-4000 watt generator. That is, you want around a 30+ amp at 110 v (and ideally 220) provider. That's a generator. Not your car.

    Given a choice, get a genset than runs on nat gas -if you have service- or propane. A propane generator can be rejiggered to run NG (and vice versa) quite easily. NEVER run your genset on gasoline (or, if you must, avoid gasahol like the plague). A propane/nat gas generator, 3500+ watts, will keep you going through any disaster.

    1. Guess I should revise and detail.
      Power your PROPANE fired furnace.
      Yes, a 400 watt invertor will do that unless you live in a giant house.
      It only has to power the circulation fan.

      No, 400 watt will not power an ELECTRIC furnace.
      I agree with everything else you wrote.

    2. Is it supposed to run off the cigarette lighter plug? 400W @ 12V comes to 33.3 amps.

  3. Lighting deal, too!

  4. I have a 2000 watt one that runs my freezer, some led lights and charges our devices when the power goes out. Keep in mind I have twin 950 amp batteries, an upgraded alternator and high idle control on my truck. The truck is much quieter than a generator.