Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Snow Mover



  1. Won't work when the power goes out

  2. Not much use in the north where you see "real snow"
    Over the last 45 years of having owned 4 paddle type (like this one"), a couple self propelled auger type and a tractor mounted blower -- it became obvious that "horsepower" ruled when the snow got deep or wet.

    Electrics were good for maybe 2" of dry snow

    1. So true about electric snowblowers lack of ability to remove snow. Even some gas powered paddle style are weak snowmovers. Give me an American made Arians, 2 stage, gas powered blower.

  3. Contrarian here. Works OK for the snow we get here. Infrequent, maybe up to 6 inches. Not much power if it's that deep, so, just like in Syracuse when I had a gas powered Toro, you cut half width passes. It only cost a hundred bucks. My son has the Toro, he needs it. For once or twice a year, worth it for me.

    Biggest pain? Watching out for the cord. Are there better, sure. But I'll keep the difference in my bank account.

  4. If you get lots of snow often you need a two stage gas engine machine. If you seldom get snow and it isn't measured in feet this is usually adequate. The advantage is essentially zero maintenance compared to a gas engine blower. Have owned both. But I also have a diesel tractor as a backup if things get really deep.