Friday, January 21, 2022

Bugatti Chiron vs Autobahn - Top Speed TEST


  1. No speed limit on the autobahn except to be "safe". When you are going 200 mph faster than people going 60 in the slow lane - even with all the precautions - I'm not sure this qualifies as safe. The autobahn is a road, not a race track. Still, very impressive.
    The owner is Passer, a Czech worth over $300 million and obviously a Christian (see his pre and post prayers at 2:25 and 5:20). As usual, it's an issue because he publicized it with this video. I loved that as he got to top speed of 247 MPH and then started to slow, he took both hands off the wheel in celebration. that shows how stable the car is a speed.

    1. The issue is that he prayed before and after he went 200 plus on a road that has no speed limit? Seems like great times to pray. Prayer for safety at the start and a prayer of thanks at the end.

      Seems he took as many safety precautions as possible by doing this in the very early morning with very, very little traffic. At least in the video I saw, maybe you viewed a different one?

  2. In 1977 I was driving a brand new Oldsmobile Metro ambulance on the Wurzburg autobahn going 135 mph and was passed by a Volkswagen beetle.

  3. The Autobahn is the best, but everyone has to obey the rules. We were transported by an American soldier on the Autobahn from the hospital in Lansthul. The driver was in the left lane, doing 55 mph (because that was the fastest he was allowed to drive). Cars behind us flashed their lights, the equivalent of yelling to move over, but Cpl Numbnutz refused to move to the right. Those of us in the van began yelling to move into the right lane but he insisted he was driving safely, according to Army regs. It took a direct order from one of the passengers to get that idiot to move over.

    Scariest ride ever, not because of the speed but because of the brain dead driver.

  4. No question driving a Bugatti at speed on the Autobahn is impressive. But it takes backseat to driving the Nürburgring. Good video with display of elapsed time, location on course, speed and gear selected. My competitive edge relies on loud pipes and a fast speedometer.

    Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS at the Nürburgring (7:24)

  5. The challenge was to set record for top speed on public road. God did answer his prayers and now the real fight with the faggots in power begins.

  6. THAT is the most obnoxiously stupid video I have ever seen. The music and sound effects were so annoying I could ony watch the first 20 seconds......