Thursday, January 13, 2022



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  2. "A hundred thousand streets in the city".


    More like 100 in the radius he drives.
    Which everybody else drives.
    And "the route" is like, four turns, max.

    It's not like he's trying to hit Neptune with the Voyager satellite after 12 years' time, or find Dr. Livingstone at the headwaters of the Nile after a two-year trek fighting disease and wild animals through the untamed African jungle over 130 years before GPS.

    These modern-day Walter Mittys need to stop describing it like a Dashiell Hammett novel or the Travels Of Marco Polo to the Great Khan.

    It's a f**king pizza delivery, which is less complicated than changing a tire.

    If it doesn't require a passport and customs, you don't "travel for work".
    You're a farking local delivery driver.
    The only things you're fighting are a Common Core education, traffic, and the physics of how fast a hot pizza cools before you've boned yourself out of a tip.
    That's. IT.

    Next, we'll be treated to dissertations from "sanitation engineers" and "horizontal recreation facilitators".

    For anyone born before 1980, that would be garbage collectors and hookers.😏

  3. I traveled for my work. I lived out of a suitcase for about 40 years. In highway & Pipeline construction....BUT THE MONEY & BENNIES were GOOD!