Tuesday, January 11, 2022

And from a barrel. Proof life was better then.



  1. The Lufthansa premier lounges in Germany are far superior to the "Star Alliance" lounges that Continental had everywhere else around the globe. I took a flight out of Kuwait on Lufthansa. The head stewardess recognized I was military and upgraded my ticket to first class along with 2 other grunts.

    Given the choice, Lufthansa and Qatar Air are the two best airlines out there.

  2. One other important component of civilisation is the ashtray I see in the picture. After the EUSSR banned smoking on all flights. I once flew on Avian a from Heathrow to Bogota, the check in was manned by Lufthansa. I got my boarding pass and noticed a smoking area on the plane. He was very teutonically annoyed when I asked to change. One other very noticeable thing about the flight was the air quality. No smoking was a perfect excuse to cut down the air conditioning.

  3. You mean Luftwaffe…