Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This is the reason the airlines want you to wear seatbelts

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  1. yeah sure? Cute photo, it's called,"'Skydiving!' Controlled flight without wings, each man is a highly trained expert playing the game for the highest stakes there are, his very life, he has only one safety devise at his disposal, his Parachute and its' 'RIPCORD!!!!'" So started the intro to the old TV series!!! 'Looks like he might have a "Static line" trailing behind him. 'Might be a telephoto shot from the ground of a Student jump?? Go to your local "Drop Zone" this weekend and check out the action!!!!
    PS, As for the "seatbelts" thing, Back before TSA wanted to "Finger" everybody (haven't flown commercial since) I used to carry my "Rig" in a backpack style carry bag and everything else I needed in an "AWOL" bag. The Rig fit under the seat in front of me and the AWOL bag in the overhead. Going thru "check in" the agents would freak out when they figured out they were looking at a "Real Parachute" up close and personal and wanted to know where the "Explosive Devices" were!!! Heheheehe,"I'm old school, 'don't have one!!!"