Friday, February 20, 2015

Biden stiffs a fan

This guy let the Vice President use his venue for a press conference, spent a grand to make it come up to par, missed out on a week of business, and then Biden wouldn't even allow him to get a picture with him.

Instead, Biden's people gave him a baseball cap and a poster.  I'll bet he's having second thoughts about being a Biden supporter now that his hero has given him the sharp elbow.

If Biden were ever elected president, it would be a toss up as to whether his first act would be to declare his right of primae noctis, or to eat a bucket of paste.

He and his people really are third class.


  1. WAIT A MINUTE! Biden is the only bit of comic relief that we have in the ObamaNation. He keeps us laughing, or alternately being creeped out.

  2. Naw, the real test will be now that this gentleman has had a glimpse of the true nature of the current crop of politicians (they believe they are our rulers) will he still vote for them. If so, we're screwed.