Monday, February 16, 2015

Swimming hole of dreams


  1. He even put down his beer to jump in.

  2. Whoa doggies... LL that is a woman...

    1. And what a description!

      "My favorite place is the stone tank on my family ranch, where I’ve made a home, on the side of a rocky hill, halfway between Marfa and Fort Davis. It’s one of the most remote, serene, and beautiful places on the planet, fed by the water underground, and when you stand naked on the tank’s edge, you can see nothing and everything for a hundred miles: a thunderstorm approaching, the moon rising, the soft white clouds in the achingly blue summer sky."

      "Originally a holding tank for water that was pumped up by the windmill to a high place on the property, it became obsolete with the installation of an electric pump for the house and the barn. Now it’s the most splendid infinity pool in the world."