Thursday, July 31, 2014

Well now, it looks like the administration is now importing Ebola!

From CBS46 we learn this:
Emory University Hospital has been told that a patient with the Ebola virus will be transferred to its hospital in Atlanta.
According to the Associated Press, the patient is an American aid worker, although the individual's identity was not released due to privacy laws.
Emory says it has a special isolation unit to treat patients that are exposed to serious infectious diseases that is physically separate from other patient areas at the hospital.
Emory's isolation unit is one of only four such units in the country, according to the hospital, which also said that its staff are highly trained in the procedures necessary to care for the patient.
A spokesperson from the hospital said the exact arrival date of the patient is unknown.
So, who made this decision, and why bring someone here if they can be treated in Africa or in some other way offshore?  Is Atlanta the only place whatever they are looking to do can be done?  How is this person to be transported half way around the world, and into the hospital?   
Given the risk, this seems very foolish.  
If Obama brings the plague here, it will be the final nail.  You know on something like this very high level folk needed to approve.

Meanwhile, a chicken pox outbreak locks down New Mexico illegal alien holding facility.   Looks like another disease to let out into the general population.  I note that they are calling this a "hiccup."  Top Men.

In related news: 

Eduardo Rosas Cruz, 26, first came on health officials’ radar in March, after he was diagnosed with a severe and contagious strain of TB. According to the court complaint, he didn’t comply with treatment.
“He’s been found and then lost, found and lost, found and lost, so at some point we have to say we can’t find him anymore,” said Dr. Alvaro Garzo of the San Joaquin County Public Health Services.
The infection is also contagious and Cruz is a transient. His last known address was at the Capri Motel on Wilson Way. None of the tenants and office manager remember when they last saw him.
Nice. Ebola, infectious drug resistant Tuberculosis, and Chicken Pox!  Next it will be an outbreak of Small Pox, given the quality of the people who are charged with protecting the public from serious disease.

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