Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's Thursday - let's party like we're Russians!

I notice there are actually girls hanging with these guys. Pickings must be slim behind the iron curtain.


  1. break dancing skills, vodka and a twelve inch tool will bring women in Russia.

  2. Putin makes Obama look like a child. I don`t agree with all of his policies, but he does
    NOT allow immigration. They are chanting "Eboli" in the background. I don`t agree with
    ANY of O`s policies. He has made us a laughing stock. Russians have a sense of
    security right now, sanctions or not. Americans are scared. Our firearms can`t protect
    us from highly contagious diseases,,,,plural,,,,that are crossing our borders. All the "prepping"
    in the world won`t do a damn bit of good.

  3. Firstly,,,Cool Blog. Secondly,,,I have MAJOR respect for Putin on His stance on imigration.
    NONE. If You didn`t pick up on it, they are singing E-BOW-LEE (Eboli) in the backround.
    Obama is making us ALL a laughing stock. In SO many ways. I don`t agree with all of
    Putin`s policies, but I agree with none of Obama`s, & that`s fucking embarrassing.