Sunday, December 10, 2023

The Exodus Pharaoh EXPLAINED!


  1. Good video. I liked his most recent one about Nineveh too.

    Here's a link to a video series by my favorite Bible scholar, the late Dr. Michael Heiser. Search for "Supernatural Seminar Celebration Church Michael Heiser" or follow this link to part #1 of 4:
    ht tps://

    If you like his work then I also recommend podcast site.

  2. Really enjoyed this...undeniable, except to those who refuse to believe.

  3. Leaves me with questions. The early date I believe not the Ramses date that the 10 Commandments Pharoah uses.
    My problem is that Pharoah pursued Moses with his army and the Israelites and all the Egyptians died in the Red sea including Pharoah. So how did they get his body if he died in the deluge?
    David Jeremiah talked about one of the missing mummies that he said was most likely the Pharaoh of The Exodus, but I can't remember which Pharaoh he talked about.
    Further study required