Thursday, December 29, 2022

Right now on the way up to Burney.



  1. While taking risks and visiting far-flung locations, I traveled over Hatchet Pass to Burney, Adin, Canby and ultimately Alturas. Now I'm back in Shasta County, where I use my laptop to visit 'daily timewaster' and try to ignore the dipwads who post worthless spam in order to irritate as many people as they can, especially the host of this fantastic website.

  2. A few years back, we visited Burney Falls. Neat place!!! The people were very nice too. We were having dinner at the pizza place in town. A family was celebrating a birthday. The birthday "girl" was about 80 years old. She offered us some of her cake!! We wished her a very happy birthday and had cake. It was memorable indeed.