Wednesday, December 28, 2022

A rather difficult entry



  1. (voice of Dave Bowman) "It's made of little tiles"! VERY EXPENSIVE little tiles.

  2. Pity the poor schmoe who’s gotta pull the plugs out of the thrusters and the civers off the windshields.

  3. The entry is difficult, but it's the re-entry that would be worrying me.

  4. Point of order: the dark circle is the open hatch cover, swung over to the side.
    The actual portside hatch entry is at the end of the gantryway to the left of view, and it isn't that hard to get through, even suited up.

    Getting to the oil dipstick under the hood is somewhat more difficult.

  5. "Spam in a can" - Alan Shepard

    I never had the right stuff.
    I'm a button pusher, Spam in a can.
    I don't even fly the ship. It's all automatic.
    I only got this far on charm and my rugged good looks. - Planet 51

  6. Hangs in the museum in Cape Canaveral go see it really cool.

    Bear Claw