Saturday, December 31, 2022

I could use this



  1. Also known as a face planter.

  2. My father had one. That thing will kill you. Roll it on the floor a couple of times and the muscles in yours sides will ache for days.

  3. I'll stick with 12 oz curls. Sounds like a New Years resolution to me.

  4. If you aren't already in pretty decent shape that thing will kill you, HARD.
    I're wondering how that little thing will kill you.
    I have one and I wondered that too.
    Then it killed me.
    Hint: start out on your knees first, rather than your feets like you would for doing push ups. Then it might not kill you so hard. You've been warned.
    It's a rare person indeed that can do one full extension rep with that thing.

  5. No doubt it makes rock hard abs, if you can keep up.
    On your knees or on your toes separates the men from the girly men.