Sunday, August 28, 2022

Today in Redding: A chilly 98



  1. I drove I-5 yesterday afternoon, I'd have hollered "HI!" as we drove by Redding but I was sleeping.
    I did get to see that there is still a touch of snow on the mountain!
    I wanted to get a picture of Lake Shasta so I could compare it with the one I took in 1977 (tail end of the drought)... but I was still sleeping. Not that I could find the '77 picture after the divorce. :-)

  2. Rob, what you missed was Lake Shasta as it looked being filled in the 1950s. The portion by Lakehead is down to a small creek at the very bottom of the lake and the rest is being covered by grass.

    The news will tell you that it is a mega drought, but that isn't really true. Yes, there is a drought, but the California water resources folks never have figured out how to keep reservoirs mostly full instead of sending the water downstream because of XXX excuse.

    1. In the summer of '77 it was a river way down at the bottom of a big canyon.