Friday, August 26, 2022

New York governor calls for a statewide pogrom against her political opposition

 The full story over at Patreon.


  1. There is no link to the story.

  2. Don't need no stinkin' link, she's just another wild eyed commie nut job like
    the rest of the corrupt political trash in that state.

  3. I said from day 1 they'd be wishing for Cuomo back.

  4. she of the naugahyde skin and glycol blood...

  5. Cuomo already said people like me weren't welcome, so I sold my house, took my jab and 401K and moved to a better place. I was already working remotely and my wife retired, so why not?

  6. From her comments in recent days she has basically told the population that if they were not her supporters they need to move to Miami. She has openly declared war on her opposition.

  7. Story in the NY Post:

    She's basically telling 5½ million NY residents to GTFO of New York - because they're Republicans. Yes, that's right. The Governor of the People of NY.

  8. Must be the new Dem strategy.
    Bite Me just told half the country to fuck off.
    Same thing with the wing nut in Florida.
    They hate you and want you dead.

  9. Replies
    1. And a burlap bag to go over her head

  10. My family has been here since the 1680's, eff her!!!