Friday, August 26, 2022

A recent drought has uncovered 110 million year old Dinosaur tracks in a Texas river. Good ones too!



  1. Yes, the toe tag shows that style wasn't made after 110 mya

  2. Replies
    1. The Paluxy River, in Glen Rose, Texas. The place is already known for having many dinosaur tracks, as well as, possibly, fossil human footprints.

    2. About the human footprints - some guys started making fake ones to sell for profit. When caught, they told how to tell the difference between the fake ones and the genuine ones. However, by that point TPTB had decided they were all fakes and dismissed them.

  3. Recent drought!? In Texas?!

    And 110 mya - HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    <3 ya my ancient man - but them tracks not been there that long.

    Recent drought... BAH!

  4. Are they sure??? It could be from a really big Duck...

  5. When I retire, I'm making some plywood dino-feet, just like the guy in PNW who has a set of plywood Bigfoot feet to go on walks in the woods after a fresh snow.

    If I lived in the plains states, I'd do crop circles.

    And see if I don't make a trip to Dallas to salt a couple of boxes of vintage 1962-or-earlier 6.5 Carcano and .30-06 brass all over the place around Dealey Plaza, for the guys with metal detectors.