Friday, May 7, 2021

While upgrading a sewer line in the Israeli city of Lod, they found this Roman mosaic. Wow.



  1. It amazes me how things like that floor get buried over time. I'd imagine that this floor had been in a big room, no sign of the walls, just the floor covered by dirt.

  2. Also Rob, it's strange how Richard II got buried and disappeared. I recall they were building a parking garage or something like that when some bones showed up and all kinds of commotion ensued.

  3. If I was the construction foreman, though, I'd be like "Crap - not again! Alright boys, shut'er down. Our schedule just went to shit and we all gotta go home. No work, no pay. Can't finish the job until everyone gets to look at the pretty tile."

    And I guarantee there are several who'd suggest just not telling anyone and keep digging. I mean, that old tile is all over the place and we gotta job to finish.