Saturday, May 29, 2021

I might need one of these



  1. Better model than my Peltor but I love them

  2. She looks like a pretty good-looking model to me! Of course, I haven't seen your model yet....

  3. I have a 15yr old pair that are still the go-to. There are better out there, but none I've found that are as durable. The ones above are a big step ahead tech wise, but it looks like much lighter materials used. Still probably worth it for the weekend shooter.

  4. I use Howard Leight electronics. Very good. Gave up on Peltor yeas ago.

    1. This. I too gave up on Peltor. Howard Leight for the win. The biggest pain of the Peltor set I have is the batteries. Miserable to swap out and very short life. Easy to inadvertently turn on thus killing the batteries. Cuss while swapping the batts again... Rinse repeat.

      Otherwise they work ok. I still have the set I use as loaners when I'm teaching a new shooter.

  5. Never had anything Peltor that lasted more than a couple of weeks.