Saturday, May 29, 2021

Took a drive up I-5 past Shasta, and into the western mountains.

From near the micro sized town of Gazelle, you could look south east and see Shasta and Black Butte, from across a fine field of green.  You can see the top of the Whitney Glacier, the longest one in California.  It flows down from the top right between Shasta and Shastina, about six miles long.

From Gazelle to Callahan, it's through the mountains on a two lane road, tee-ing off with Highway 3.  Callahan is a bit on the run down side, but the emporium is open.

An abandoned doorway in an abandoned building.  Probably pretty creepy at 3am.

On up Highway 3 to Etna.  Population down about 40 from the 2010 census.  Used to work with someone whose grandmother lived there, at the corner of Diggles Street and Pig Alley


Parked the orange car on the corner of Diggles and Main, and went in to this place to get something to eat.  Very fancy, and they couldn't seat the two of us without a reservation.   Unbelievable.

We ended up across the street at a much more local place that sat us right down and then produced an epic reuben sandwich that I could barely finish.  

It seems the local deer herd just wanders through town whenever they want.  These landed on the grass outside the local elementary school.  The passage of the rumbly orange car bothered them not a whit.

On the way back we took the orange car up through Fort Jones and out east to Yreka, where we caught I-5 back to Redding.  I'd been through Fort Jones once before, about thirty years ago, on my way to the Marbles for a backpacking trip.  Hadn't changed all that much.

A much younger and fitter CW deep in the Marble Mountains.

Traffic southbound on I-5 was unbelievably light -- almost eerie.  There was a little more northbound, but  not that much more.  Finally picked up more normal traffic at that bridge over Lake Shasta, which must have been folks that had spent the day at the lake and were heading back to town.

The next two days are predicted to be really hot, and Mrs. CW has to work, so I'll be laying low, but today's little jaunt was fun


  1. Nice travelog, shocked about the dinner reservation with year of Covid restaurants are failing everywhere.

  2. I liked this. Kinda draws the reader/viewer into the picture, of places I'll prolly never see (again). Though, back in 1980 I hitchhiked for 6 days from Portland to LA and some was illegally done on I5, and some was done legally along PCH. Walked all the way through the Del Norte redwood forest, no rides would stop.

  3. Thanks for the account of your trip. That sounds like a nice day on the road through very nice country. You seem more content in Redding than you were when you lived down south. With the kids gone, dynamics change too.

    I miss my girls when they were home. But I'm also glad that they grew up to be honorable and responsible mothers. The grandkids are worth it, CW.

    1. Got one kid married out of three, another with a long term boyfriend. Hopefully some grandkids within the next three or four years.

  4. I too have to concur with the previous posts...
    Neat to see places which most would never have
    the chance to visit...for what ever reason.
    But still the same, your travel journal is always
    interesting. Looking forward to your next trip.
    P.S. take pics of the the food next time, that Reuben
    plate sounded great.

    1. specially if it was on marble rye!
      Haven't had a decent reuben in many a year.

    2. It was on marble rye, a measured out pound of meat, covered in a lava flow of kraut. Excellent stuff.

    3. I hand craft my own Rubens in order to get the real deal. Hey, Swanson, didn't they give you any melted Swiss cheese?????????

  5. This superior blog is, to me, the DailyMustRead. Thanks for the hours and love, CW.

  6. Brings back a lot of memories. Went to high school track meets in Yreka, skied Mt. Shasta. Tulelake High School, class of '71. I am also a sucker for a good Reuben.

    1. The class of '71 was 50 years ago.
      The 10th of next month a friend is going to his nieces' graduation at the same school I graduated from on the 10th of June 1971.
      Funny how these things work out.

  7. Backpacked the Marble Mountain Wilderness for a week some 40 years ago. Came across a hippie community living off the grid out in the middle of nowhere. Kinda creepy. Gave them a wide berth...

    Goetz von Berlichingen

  8. Never heard of Gazelle. Been Highway 3 from I-5 to Weaverville. I remember Etna and Fort Jones, and apparently went right through Callahan without even noticing. Funny.

    The country around there sure has been pounded by fires in recent years. I hope the area closer to Fort Jones and Etna has fared better. It's mighty pretty country.

    Thanks for the nice drive. I enjoyed it, as always.

  9. Love the Scott Valley and still have a number of friends who live there. There are some beautiful lakes in the Marble Mountains.

  10. That part of California I miss. Loved driving around Siskiyou County when we loved in Dunsmuir