Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Made in USA



  1. Not cheap, but will last a lifetime. If lose tools don't them, if you care for your tools, they're the only tools to buy!

  2. The traditional telephone infrastructure is quickly dying away. I go down the street and look up and see dozens and dozens of house drops dangling from the poles, and even hundred pair cable housings hanging down swinging in the wind. No one is interested in even recovering the cable that still runs down many streets.
    But starting in 1970 I started work with New Jersey Bell installing that wire. And each of those tools were in my belt; cable cutters, linesman pliers and long nose pliers.
    Decades later the company was laying off the cable monkeys, they collected their company tool kits and giving them their last checks.
    The tool kits sat for a time in the warehouse until an executive came by and ordered them to dump them all into the trash.

    Some of us grabbed a few of the tool kits and I still have several examples of all the gear down in the basement. Anyone interested in a wire-wrap gun? How about a spudger? A wire-striper? A 110 punch-down block? A set of graffs, still sharp.

  3. Some of the best tools you can get. I have some 25 to 30 years old. Just as good as the day I got them