Monday, May 3, 2021

What IS that thing?



  1. Octopus checking out the diver, who checks out the octopus. You can almost hear the diver laughing.

  2. Looks like a of the few marine creatures with the capacity for curiosity.

    1. I think that's a class, not a particular animal...

  3. I was night diving at Maeda Point in Okinawa. Very weird diving at night, all you can see is where the bean of your flashlight is shining so it is like the ultimate tunnel vision experience. Fish are attracted to the light and you do not seem them lurking over your shoulder until you turn the light that way and it tends to scare the hell out of you!
    One night I came across a weird rock, it was moving, turning colors, and generally acting what did I do? Poke it a bit with my knife! All of a sudden this weird rock turns into an octopus jumping out at me, then speeding off as fast as his water jets would push him! I must have sucked 1000 lbs of air in 30 seconds during that encounter!!!

  4. " My Octopus Teacher " great film