Monday, May 10, 2021

This is the first F-117 (US air force serial number 79-10780) during final Assembly at the Lockheed Skunk Works plant in Burbank, California, around 1980.



  1. And that photo was tippy-top top secret when it was taken. Remember all the rumors of stealth fighters and the speculation about shapes ? I remember a toy one I got for my kid in 84 or 85 that was wildly wrong.

    1. 10-4... I still have one of those still in the box!!! 'Think it was "Monogram model's!!" A R/C fling friend in Costa Mesa Ca., built a 3' span R/C sailplane version of the F-117 and flew it at the Estanscia Bluffs and Back Bay in Newport Beach flying sites back when!! 'Go a copy of the video .. local TV station came out when they heard about it and did a presentation!! 'I Got a "Cameo appearance" launching my sailplane!! Good times!!

  2. Heard about it indirectly, while in high school in the SFV around 1978, from a friend's dad, who worked at the Skunk Works for most of 40 years.
    It was nicknamed "Harvey" at Lockheed.
    Because, just like Jimmy Stewart's companion, it couldn't be seen.