Sunday, May 9, 2021

Royal Marines Jet Suit Boarding - Cool, but easily defended against.


  1. All in fine, he has a cooperative skipper on the big boat, had that been a bad guy one shot and he would be shooting up into the superstructure dead or wish he were so....

  2. 3 small craft would not be able to get that close to a warship with even an average captain & crew, just plain could not happen.

  3. Auntie AnalogueMay 9, 2021 at 6:15 PM

    The exercise was done with a warship. Yet the technique could be used against merchant vessels that have been taken over by pirates, especially if such a mission could be launched stealthily in darkness, with the Marines wearing night-vision goggles, or even in daylight if the pirate skeleton crew can be distracted by a diversionary operation using warships, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, pyrotechnics, decoys, &c.

  4. I expect we'll see this on TV next.

    Since just about every flotilla in the US or British Navy has helicopters available; a helio can carry more men, the men are carrying all their gear and the helio can supply suppressive fire from overhead or close by and then take the men off if it goes south.

    What is the Rocketman going to fight with if opposed? And how long does it take him to get free of the big tin cans on his arms?


  5. This is new technology, give it some time.