Sunday, May 9, 2021

Photo of a lion in a sidecar at a wall of death carnival attraction at Revere Beach, Massachusetts, c. 1929



  1. You might be bad, but you ain't drivin' a lion in a sidecar around a wall of death.

  2. I definitely looks like a man on the motorcycle, but it that woman driving the car with the lion? And think about getting started before reaching enough speed to start on the vertical side of the wall. What did you do at work today? Oh, just another day, drove the lion around the circle of death. Absolutely bad ass.

  3. I saw something similar at the Kansas State Fair in about 1975. My Dad took me there when I was just a kid and we watched multiple motorcycles doing crazy riding tricks in a large barrel. It was loud as hell! My Dad used to ride a 650 Matchless in his Air Force days and he really liked the motorcycles. He would occasionally ride my '82 Sportster, which I still have.