Monday, May 3, 2021

If you're looking to get into straight razors....

 Stefan has a quality razor made by Erik Anton Berg up for sale on his Etsy site at a fantastic price for this level of quality.

I personally like the shark logo inlaid into the handle.  I've already got one or I'd be tempted myself.


  1. Back in the day when I was in the army I was stationed in Massachusetts. I lived in a house that one’s belong to a doctor and he had left a considerable amount of junk in the garage. He instructed me to just get rid of it all throw it away or whatever. In one of the boxes was a collection of antique straight razors from Sheffield England, Solingen Germany and all with bull horn or ivory engraved handles. They are things of beauty and for 30 years I’ve been tempted to learn to shave with them but just haven’t had the nerve. I have visions of sweating my own throat by mistake LOL

    1. Similar story for me. Going through some old stuff and discovered one of the grandparents old straights. Thinking about it, millions of men used to shave every day with one. Although I felt just like you, that got me going, and the rest is history. Watch some YouTube videos, remember to get the straight insanely sharp, and then don't press it into your face. It should effortlessly glide along, zipping off the whiskers. But be careful, once started, you'll find it hard not to fall down the rabbit hole. Artisan soaps and aftershaves, whetstones, strops....pretty fun stuff.

    2. Pre-shave oils can help, too.