Friday, May 14, 2021

Friday Open Road



  1. Where is #2? That look like a great contender for the Tail of the Dragon.

    1. i believe this is at a precious metals mine in the Andes read about it online a few years ago. their mine was running out of good ore and so they sent out mining engineers to see if there was good ore close by. found a really good spot, but really inaccessible. got quotes to put a road up to the site, but horribly expensive. the local who was head of the dozer crews, said that if you can get a dozer up there, i will try to cut a road down. they dismantled a big dozer and coptered it up there and reassembled it. you see the results.

  2. My Saturday open road, but glad I didn't miss it

  3. I had a '59 VW bus like that one (early 70s), it was an old delivery van. Had double doors on both sides and the mighty 36 hp engine!
    I think these Friday Open Road collections are always good, a VW just makes them better! A girl in the VW and we'd have perfection :-)

  4. as with other similar Friday trips, #1 brings to mind Horst Jankowski's "A Walk In the Black Forest". Now to clear my mind's ear before distraction rules the day.
    Look forward to Good Travels every Friday.

  5. Is that a twister or a crack in the mirror of #4?