Thursday, May 6, 2021

Be Cool



  1. Suitable for small living spaces at a latitude (or altitude) that never really gets hot.

  2. My friend Susan bought one, then another, and neither was strong enough to cool a room, but, she prefers to position the cold blowing air right on her. One of hers was a factory defect, and had to be sent back, and I liked how quiet hers was, so I bought the most cooling able one they made, and it cools a bedroom quite well, as long as you don't let the room get over 80 degrees. If you start at the temp you want, like 70, it will do a damn fine job cooling that room, even with no insulation in the walls or ceiling.
    But, you better insulate that exhaust duct, as you'll save a LOT of time cooling a room you're not heating with that damn hot exhaust duct.
    Mine cost about 500 delivered and I bought it on Amazon.
    I hope yours satisfies you as much, but don't try to save money, get the strongest most powerful AC unit you can.
    Thanks for posting this Daily Time Waster!

  3. Energy hog. Since the condensate must still be disposed of, the unit actually has a heater to boil the condensate and expel it out the exhaust duct.