Sunday, May 2, 2021

Anchor Chain, SS Empress of Britain. 1930s



  1. Dang, I should count my blessings. Dear ol dad, the Marine DI, only had us scrub and paint the inside of trash cans.

  2. My Pop was in China with the Marines from 1937-1939, on his first enlistment. Back in those days the USS Chaumont was a Navy transport and it traveled much of the world on that duty. Dad said that on one occasion a lowly embarked Marine was detailed to paint and was put over the side - similarly to what is shown here - with a bucket and a brush, to touch up the ship's name on the stern. Allegedly, the private added his own embellishment, extending downward from the horizontal inscription, "CHAUMONT". All together it then read, "CHRIST HELP ALL US MARINES ON NAVAL TRANSPORT."