Thursday, April 9, 2020

Yow! Oh, not dangerous at all!


  1. No. Clearly she has steel-toed boots, an M-95 mask, and is doing a fine job maintaining social distancing. I bet her lunch is gluten free too.

  2. What?, he's easily 18 inches away from that several ton flywheel spinning about 950 RPM....

  3. How to give a safety squirrel a heart attack.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  4. Depending on the shutter speed, that wheel could be turning at 1rpm.

  5. Back then there was common sense though... nowadays we need OSHA to bridge that gap.

  6. There is a railing there...

  7. Paper mill I used to be at had shut down the groundwood mill and left two motors about that size running, else the mill electrical system would have suffered.
    They were walled off in their own rooms. Quite a sight.
    Ran for years until sufficient capacitor banks had been installed.

    1. I too worked in paper mills. I agree with your assessment that this is
      probably a steam engine or turbine driven generator. The two mills I
      worked for had GE 747 engine powered cogen plants. Back in the old
      days, one had to power the line shafts and use stream to heat the
      dryer section of the paper machines via boilers.