Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Word's out that two legged land based life forms that like to swim are delicious

The clustering of great white sharks off the Carolinas coast is growing more pronounced and mysterious, based on satellite tracking data shared Saturday on social media.

Researchers began noticing a convergence of great white sharks off the Carolinas in late January, but the group was more spread out.
Now the sharks are exhibiting a clear preference for the same spot off Southport, near Wilmington, the data shows.
OCEARCH says the tagged sharks, ranging in size from 8 feet to nearly 13 feet, represent a tiny sampling of what is actually off the coast, meaning waters could be full of great white sharks.


  1. They must have gotten the memo from Hillary that Bernie would be taking an unplanned (for him) dip in the ocean during the SC primary.

    1. But at his age he'd taste like turkey jerky. He could probably strangle a shark.

  2. Only a few years ago the Great Whites were concentrated at Cape Cod. I do remember when the researchers were adamant that Great Whites were territorial.

  3. Sharks migrate for food and reproduction - primary voters and a primary.

  4. Another "panic" news item to keep the public hyped and drive them inti the controlling arms of government as they shout: "Help, we'll do anything you ask but please make the sharks go away".

  5. Depth charges come to mind?
    Why are sharks considered to be a protected species anyway? I've heard that in some areas you can't bring a bang stick or shark dart into the water with you, it's not permitted to harm the sharks.
    What kind of a fine can I expect if I get caught in his poor little throat?