Wednesday, February 26, 2020

If that bear catches the photographer.......The cub will be fed.

A mother polar bear periodically breaking holes in thin ice to let her cub breathe from r/interestingasfuck


  1. I was wondering the same thought "Hey bro - do you notice Mama is always heading towards you in making these holes ?"

    Might be coincidence but Mama appears to be giving the photographer a little wink at the end of the sequence. :^)

  2. Clearly fake.

    Due to global warming there is no more Arctic ice and Polar bears are extinct.

    Or so I am repeatedly told by the media.

  3. I recall several mentions of this predator during classroom work in arctic survival school while in the USAF ways ago. only predator in the ice field to swim, stalk, walk, climb, dive, run, jump; all the better to eat your tender ass. crafty bastards will circle around and hit you where you won't be looking. I've seen them climb into boats under way, shred life rafts and rip the pax door off a UH-1. they just live to eat. they can out swim mark spitz and do that all day and all night. and if you get away from these guys, you can play with the leopard seals if your in the water.