Monday, February 10, 2020

There's a nice airliner.


  1. Gorgeous super constellation. Remember going to pick up dad late 50's when he arrived back from overseas on Panagra or TWA. His one comment was to never get seated near the tail, the cabin tended to flex side to side back there and one got seasick from the motion. Best place to be was from wings forward. Never got to fly in it, the 707 was in widespread service by 1962 when I first did a long distance trip with parents.

  2. There's a Super Connie sitting on the ground at the Fantasy of Flight off I-4 east of Lakeland Fl. In case you are down that way...

    1. Mr Week connie is a 1649, probably the one to have if it wasn't cannablized for a failed movie prop or something. had high pressure hydraulics and many other good things. But things change and technology moves along.
      they were retired not because they weren't jets but because jets offered better dispatch reliability and much less engine maintenance. the yawing tendency noted is a function of the yaw damper just not being turned on. there were many old school pilots who disliked anything to do with automation in the 50/60s. super connies had very powerful boosted controls where as Boeing products did with aerodynamic help